Principles of Multifactorial Quantum Therapy

Therapeutic and preventive effects of quantum therapy methods are produced by means of organism exposure to safe, painless, non-drug, low-energy, environmentally sound electromagnetic radiation.

Energetic information in the form of light quanta enters biological tissues and stimulates the organism at atomic-molecular, cellular, tissue and organ levels as well as on the entire organism level in general.

Maximally effective modes of electromagnetic radiation have been found in long-term studies by scientists of many countries and technically implemented at the end of the 20th century. These are low-energy laser radiation, infrared radiation, red and blue light, and the static magnetic field.

The portable quantum/laser therapy QHPro device is a unique and sophisticated veterinary therapeutic device that combines the above curative factors. These factors work simultaneously (synergistically), and reciprocally consolidate each other, which ensure deeper penetration of energy in tissues and a more rapid response of the organism. Let us focus on clinical effects of quantum therapy.


Low-intensive super-pulsed infrared laser radiatioN

(905 nm) penetrates deep into biologic tissues and has strong stimulating effects on blood circulation, cell membrane function and metabolism, and activates hormonal and immune systems of self-regulation.

The main clinical effects of infrared laser radiation include:
– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti-edematous
– Analgesic
– Regenerative (faster healing of wounds and bone
– Improvement of microcirculation, the composition
and function of blood
– Protein synthesis
– Stimulation of ATP synthesis
– Stimulation of both specific and non-specific immunity
– Harmonization of vegetative nervous system.

Pulsing Red light

(640–660 nm) has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on tissues, causes moderate superficial warming, improves microcirculation and visualizes the
treatment zone. Major clinical effects of red light are:
– Local anti-inflammatory
– Analgesic
– Anti-edematous
– Prominent therapeutic effects in areas of large joints with
abundant areolar tissue.

Pulsed broad-band infrared

radiation (875 nm) has a wider
spectrum of wavelength. It has harmonizing effects on
tender zones and on central and vegetative nervous systems.
Clinical effects of this mode of radiation are:
– Moderate warming of panniculi
– Effects on skin receptors and improvement
of neural-reflexive conduction
– Activation of microcirculation
– Enhancement of skin regeneration.

Pulsed blue light

(470 nm) has an inhibiting effect on the organism functions, decelerates pulse, regulates the respiratory rhythm, and relieves muscular tension. Blue light is a
strong antiseptic agent and has an anticarcinogenic effect. Major clinical effects of blue light are:
– Anti-inflammatory
– Analgesic
– Anti-spasmodic.