The Arshan “Mountain” Center is located on the north-western Lake Baikal shore at an altitude of 900m in a natural mountain park, 100km from the lake. It is a site of several buildings of 6 to 7 storeys, some of which are connected by covered walkways, with therapeutic and residential facilities all integrated into the natural mountain landscape of medium altitude.


The Goryatchinsk “Lake” Center is located at the edge of the Baikal halfway along the lake on its southeastern bank, about 15 minutes walk from the lake beaches via a path through the forest. It is a campus with 12 brick and wood buildings with one to three storeys that are perfectly integrated into the Siberian forest (taiga) with its birches and tall pines with reddish bark.



Lake Baikal is the oldest and the largest freshwater lake in the world.

With 636 km in length and 50 km in width, with maximum depth of 1,642 m, its banks are one of the diversest natural regions in the world. Located in eastern Russia at the heart of the taiga (or boreal forest) and known as the “Pearl of Siberia”, this inner sea is considered as “sacred” by the Buryat, this pleasant local population of Mongolian origin. Since 1996 Lake Baikal is registered on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.