The fasting therapy (8 days of fasting, 4 days of recovery period) turned over my Ideas about food, about body’s functioning thanks to professionals Ph.D. Gurvich V.B., Modonova L.A., Averyanova I.M., Kuznetsova L.A. Many things known earlier were systematized in my mind, there were clear tasks how to improve my health. I consider this the main and the first in the therapeutic fasting. The knowledge given by doctors helped me to better understand the processes taking place in the body and to accept and strictly follow all the rules. As a result, I lost 7 kg 500 g, the blood pressure decreased, the sleep normalized, the sweating disappeared. Massages, baths, walks around Lake Baikal (at first they were hard, I had to overcome myself, but then it was with pleasure and easily), all this did its good work: anxiety and nervousness disappeared, exactingness toward my work decreased etc. There was an amazing harmony and peace of mind. It became easier to walk even to run and breathe. I felt the joy because I “gave the day off” to my gastrointestinal tract, to all my organs; I cleaned up the body (thanks to the powerful support of the fasting department). It fills me with pride, I want to stay in this state of mind and body as long as possible. My life will undoubtedly change in terms of food. I don’t know if I will be able to follow all the recommendations but I will try. I’m going to return again. Thank so much!
— MVL, New York

It’s the first time when I’m fasting in Goryachinsk. And of course the results surprised me pleasantly. For 5 days of fasting + 2 fasting out days I lost 5 kg. For me it’s enormous success. I wouldn’t have expected that I can not eat and feel so good. Of course, it is all thanks to my doctor Lilia Alexeevna. Thank her so much for understanding, patience and her knowledge about therapeutic fasting. And of course I would like to come back to Goryachinsk for fasting and to my doctor Lilia Alexeevna.
— N, Brazil

We express deep and sincere gratitude to the doctors and nurses who helped us during 21 days in Goryachinsk to achieve, in our opinion, very significant success in restoring our own health which we have been actively loosening for many years. As a result of the ten-day “hunger-strike” with the subsequent fasting out we achieved a noticeable body renewal, lost weight (12 and 6 kg respectively), the digestion improved remarkably, the endurance increased significantly (during the recovery phase we walked 10-12 km each day). Shortness of breath decreased, great energy and good mood appeared. A number of very positive results for serious chronic diseases have been achieved, while during fasting and fasting out, potent drugs have not been taken or dosages have been significantly reduced. I want to express special thanks for the sensitivity and the non-standard approach to: - Chief doctor Dorzhi Banzaraktsaev -Doctor of the fasting department Lilia Alexeevna -Nurse Lyudmila Anatolievna - Doctor-masseur Tumen Andreevich.
— E.F and E.T, Russia

We first arrived at “Goryachinsk” at the fasting department for different reasons: not only to lose weight, but also to treat your chronic illnesses. I would like to tell that nothing is impossible. We both lost weight, and fell much better; cheerfulness and joy of life have appeared. Thanks to talks with our doctor Lilia Alekseyevna, as well as thanks to the support of all medical staff, it wasn’t so hard to fast as we imagined. We thank you all for that, thank you all so much!!! Belief in us and self-confidence came. We leave the sanatorium in a good mood, cheerful, happy, with new perspectives on a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. And of course we want to come back. We will definitely meet you again!!! Once again, thank you very much for everything!!!
— L.E., A.L., Russia