Why QHPro?

The development of non-drug therapy is of significant interest for medical practice. Wide application of pharmaceutical substances, such as antibiotics, hormones and other chemical substances, often has side effects while accumulation of such substances in the organism results in deterioration in quality of livestock products which may cause human diseases.

Science and medical practice have many various non-drug therapy methods in their pool. 

Quantum medicine is the aggregate of knowledge, means and methods based on application of various types of electromagnetic radiation and fields of low, safe levels, quantum processes and wave information properties of the living matter. Quantum therapy is second to none in terms of efficiency, absence of complications and habituation effect.

Quantum therapy (QT) as a method of treatment can influence the organism in two ways. Interest in quantum therapy is caused not only by the fact that it has broadened therapeutic possibilities of veterinarian physicians, but also because veterinary practice has obtained an effective, non-invasive and painless method of treatment of a large number of diseases.

A principally new step in the development of this method has been made in science and practice over the recent years. Devices for multifactorial QT have been designed, successfully tested and broadly adopted in practice, heralding a new era in medicine. The latest of such devices for veterinary medical practice is QHPro.


What are the benefits?

A feature of this device is combined multifactorial effects on the organism of animals of low-intensive super-pulsed infrared laser radiation, pulsed broad-band infrared light, pulsing red light and blue light and the static magnetic field.

Based on the parameters comprising its therapeutic factors the device is similar to solar energy that provides for the origination and support of life on Earth. This ensures the maximum physiological effects of QHPro on the living organism.

Effects of quantum treatment are based on photophysical and photochemical reactions associated with light absorption by the biologic tissue. As a result of this treatment, the energetic activity of cell membranes changes, molecules of cells are activated, the rate of oxidative phosphorylation and biologic oxidation is increased and, as a consequence, the energy performance of cells and the intensity of metabolic processes are enhanced.

The quantum treatment of disease processes in the body decreases receptor sensitivity, the duration of the inflammation phase and interstitial tissue edema, tension of tissues. It also accelerates blood velocity, improves blood and lymph microcirculation, increases oxygen uptake, activates regenerative processes and speeds up recovery of ill animals. The static magnetic field enhances the rate of quantum/laser radiation penetration into biological tissues.

The technical specifications of the QHPro device make it safe for humans and veterinary medical  personnel.