A new approach to health


Quantum Health is based on 40 years of research in space health and astrophysics, and over 20 years of practical application with hundreds of thousands of cases across all areas of health issues.

Via the new concept of Integrative Physiomics, and the combined use of modern non-intrusive space technologies and selected complementary therapies, we are able to identify the real root causes of health issues and change the related frame conditions, to help accelerate treatment of existing problems, reduce or prevent upcoming problems, and help you live better and more autonomously.

We are an international team of pragmatic long-term researchers and practitioners with strong European roots and we all share a common dream–to provide access to effective and affordable global health to all.

The Therapeutic Fasting practice was initiated in Russia by a psychiatrist, Professor Y. Nikolaev, who during the treatment of his patients discovered and developed a completely innovative method in the 1950s. Using this approach in a systematic way on patients with mental illnesses, Professor Nikolaev had found that the Therapeutic Fasting also enables to treat other chronic diseases such as, for example, gastritis, asthma, allergy, obesity and other chronic (autoimmune) or degenerative diseases.

In the 1990s, Professor Nikolaev was invited to implant his method at two medical centers on the Baikal’s banks. Since then, more than 100,000 people have performed the TRUE Therapeutic Fasting at two original centers of Goryatchinsk and Archane in Eastern Siberia on Lake Baikal shores. Professor Nikolaev’s disciple, Professor N. Kokosov, continues to work on the TRUE Therapeutic Fasting. Beyond applied research and related publications, he continues to pass on his knowledge to his disciples who treat patients with this remarkable method which the today’s Western world has little or no knowledge about.

A film directed by French journalists and shown on the ARTE TV channel in February 2016, traces the history of the therapeutic fasting development in Russia and the first works in the USA, German-speaking countries and France carried out in recent years in a number of biological and medical research centers. The scientific results demonstrate an enormous potential of this method, applicable to a significant number of areas of Healthcare which still has to be explored and being full of expectations.